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At Mateskon Law, we’re more than just legal practitioners – we’re your allies, advocates, and advisors, committed to safeguarding your rights and securing your future.

Serving Sand Lake, Michigan, and the surrounding counties of Kent, Ottawa, and Muskegon, our law firm specializes in comprehensive estate planning, mediation, and probate services – as well as real estate and construction law matters.

Our empathetic, compassionate, and experienced team led by Attorney Andrew Mateskon is here to provide you with the unwavering support and guidance you deserve in life's most pressing moments.

Did you know that according to a recent survey, only 1 in 5 millennials currently have any estate planning documents in place?

You’re not alone. Mateskon Law is here to help.

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Our Areas Of Focus

In addition to the featured areas of practice, Mateskon Law offers a variety of other expert consultations

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Estate Planning (Preserving Your Legacy): Estate planning is the cornerstone of our practice – and our team prides itself on crafting personalized solutions that cater to your unique needs. From preparing wills and trusts to establishing revocable and irrevocable trusts, our estate planning lawyers cover every detail to ensure your wishes are honored when you cannot convey them for yourself.

Our knowledge and experience extend to highly specialized areas such as gun trusts, Lady Bird deeds, special needs wills and, pet trusts, powers of attorney, and final disposition instructions. In an ever-changing legal landscape, a trusts and wills attorney from Mateskon Lw will be there to keep you informed and prepared, guaranteeing that your hard-earned assets are preserved for generations to come.

Probate (Your Advocates In Times Of Difficulty & Transition): Navigating the probate process amidst emotional challenges is disheartening, but you don’t have to go through this alone. Our dedicated team of probate lawyers provides compassionate support during these times, handling your probate case with the utmost care. Our goal? To combine a command of the law with a deep sense of empathy, acknowledging the emotional journey you are on. With us, probate is manageable – so you can focus on what matters most.

Real Estate & Construction Law (Navigating Property Matters): Our dedicated team of real estate and construction lawyers serves as your unwavering allies, seamlessly guiding you through the intricate landscape of property transactions, boundary disputes, easement complexities, and more. We offer a reassuring presence during critical transactions and provide adept solutions to various challenges. Whether you're a buyer, seller, or investor, our comprehensive grasp of the nuances of a real estate transaction or construction project ensures you enjoy a smooth and secure journey.

Mediation (Handling Disputes with Grace): Conflict resolution requires skill and tact. When conflicts arise, our mediation attorneys step in to facilitate peaceful resolutions. Whether in the midst of litigation or determining how to attack it before it begins, our professionals adeptly guide parties toward common ground. No one benefits from prolonged courtroom disputes. Through collaboration, you can safeguard relationships and move ahead with the certainty that comes from finding closure.

“I think people often underestimate the value of having an experienced lawyer by their side while they’re estate planning. Small details can completely change the best direction for your plan.”

– Andrew Mateskon, Mateskon Law

Experienced  Michigan Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts Attorney - Andrew Mateskon

Let’s Meet To Talk About Your Goals

When it comes to Estate Planning people put it off for a number of reasons. We understand that it can be difficult to talk about the future, family issues, and financial matters.

You may think you have time.

But the truth is, there is no better time than today.

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Mateskon Law Cottage

“We were looking to leave our cottage to our kids. Andrew helped us create a plan that ensures everything goes to them without a fight.”

– Estate Planning Client of Mateskon Law

Discover The Difference Our Firm Can Make

Mateskon Law isn't just a law firm – it's a testament to our commitment to our clients' well-being. Our founder, Andrew Mateskon, brings a unique blend of legal knowledge and experience to a deep understanding of personal considerations. This is why our name is synonymous with trust within communities across western Michigan.

We provide a safe space for sharing concerns, offering patient guidance that's both comprehensive and comprehensible. Our warmhearted approach and exceptional listening skills set us apart from the typical "cold" lawyer stereotype, making us the go-to choice for those seeking compassionate and understanding legal counsel.

Our approach extends beyond the legal world. We intentionally seek to build relationships at the core of our practice. This focus goes far to serve our diverse clients and their many backgrounds, professions, and beliefs. We understand that everyone deserves a voice, and we strive to be that voice.

We aim for you to come away with a broader understanding of your property, beneficiaries, the legal regime, and the overall estate planning process. Throughout our relationship, we prioritize treating clients with the utmost respect and dignity – no matter their net worth or background.

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Whether you're a new parent seeking guardianship or a professional safeguarding your legacy, Mateskon Law is here to guide you through life's legal intricacies. We understand that it can be difficult to talk about the future, family issues, and financial matters – and many people put off estate planning because they think they have time. But the truth is, there is no better time than today.

By partnering with Mateskon Law, you embark on a journey where your future is secure and your legacy is protected. Our clients aren't just cases – they're family. As a beacon of trust, respect, and understanding, we stand ready to be your legal partners through every transition of your life. Don’t wait, call today.

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