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Frequently Asked Questions

The Statute of Limitations is a law that basically says after this date, you can't sue or be sued for this type of claim. For example, in Michigan, the Statute of Limitations on a Mortgage Foreclosure is 15 years after the last payment was made on the mortgage.

A contingency fee is a fee that will be paid at the end of the lawsuit as part of an award from the court or a settlement. We rarely offer contingency fees because cases can be difficult to value at the beginning of litigation.

We will need various types of information depending on your case. After your consultation, Mateskon Law will provide you with more details about specific documents, information, or evidence you may need.

Mateskon Law tries very hard to offer accessible services. We offer a flat-fee option for most actions and payment plans that work for any budget. If our services are still too expensive for you, we are happy to recommend and refer you to various legal aid organizations across Michigan.

No. Mateskon Law offers a free, 15-minute consultation.
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