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Give yourself peace of mind when you’re out on your next adventure. From naming an executor to ensuring your children’s care, drawing up a will protects the things you care about most. Consider this the best insurance against challenges to your wishes, it’s important that this is done right the first time.


Thinking About Your End-Of-Life Wishes But Not Sure What To Do?

Based in Sand Lake, Michigan, Andrew Mateskon of Mateskon Law has years of experience handling the entire range of estate planning services for clients across western Michigan as a will and trust lawyer. He’s developed a strong knack for forming wills, a core aspect of any robust estate plan.

He’s ready to do just that for you, tailoring his plan of attack specifically to your needs and ultimate goals. He’ll craft the perfect plan, comprehensive in its reach, safeguarding your legacy and your loved ones’ future.

The Choice For You

Wills are legal documents that allow you to dictate how your property and assets are to be distributed either after you die or in the event you’re incapacitated and unable to make decisions or express them yourself. They outline instructions and designate an executor to carry them out. They can even serve as the means by which you appoint a guardian for any minor children you may have. 

Stay Safe, Hire a Guide that Speaks the Lingo
  • Testamentary Will
  • Living WIll
  • Pour-Over Will
  • Mutual Will
  • Self-Proved Will
  • Statutory Will
  • Holographic Will
  • Oral Will
Having a will as part of your overall estate planning portfolio is vital. As your wills lawyer, Andrew Mateskon will work diligently to guarantee, insofar as is possible, that your wishes are documented in a manner fully compliant with the law and carried out should the time ever come when they’d need to be.

Andrew Mateskon can also serve as your living wills lawyer, too. Living wills, also referred to as advanced healthcare directives, cover matters of medical treatment should you ever become incapacitated and unable to communicate your desires.

Like with standard wills, Andrew Mateskon will make sure your living will is compliant and executable should the time come. He’ll also review it periodically to make sure your wishes are documented as they possibly change over time.

Have A Will But Not Sure How To Update It?

Life is filled with twists and turns. As it unfolds, our wishes very often change along with it. Wills, like life, aren’t static – they need to adapt and change to meaningfully address the twists and turns as they come.

If you have already laid the important foundation and created a will but need to update and don’t know where to turn, Andrew Mateskon has you covered. He’ll sit down with you for a consultation, evaluate your current documentation, and plot a course to your ultimate goal.

Consider making an update if you’ve experienced any of the following:

A marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, death, etc.
A significant change in financial situation.
Changes to the tax law.
And more.

How Andrew Mateskon, Your Wills Lawyer Near Me, Helps

If you’re ready to plan your legacy and take the necessary steps to protect it, Andrew Mateskon is here to help make it happen. He’ll unpack your situation, goals, and vision, then work to make them a reality.

He’ll inventory and value your assets, designate any beneficiaries you may need, offer guidance on selecting an executor, and take any and all other measures relevant to your situation that ensure your will is legally enforceable for when you need it to be.

Secure Your Legacy Today!

If you are ready to protect your legacy, email or call Andrew Mateskon at (616) 300- 1212 to schedule a consultation today. Don’t leave your legacy to chance – take action now.

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More Information

Have You Recently …?

Have You Recently …?

These life events may indicate that it is time for you to update your current Will or even draw up your first Will.

  • ArrowTurned 18
  • ArrowBought Property
  • ArrowSold a Large Asset
  • ArrowMoved to a New State
  • ArrowHad a Baby
  • ArrowMarried
  • ArrowDivorced
  • ArrowChanged Charity Relationships

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us at Mateskon Law to begin the process. >> Schedule A Consultation <<

Frequent review and revision of your Will is important. Although some people update their Will more often, we recommend reviewing it at least once every 3 to 5 years, or after a major life event occurs (e.g. marriage, divorce, birth, death, etc.).

Some key differences between a Will and a Trust:
  • A Will can only go into effect upon your death, while a trust can manage property during your life and after your death.
  • Individuals can only have one valid Will at a time, while you can have as many trusts as needed to protect your property.
  • A Will often goes through probate court, while a Trust will typically avoid probate, saving your beneficiaries time and money.
  • A Will that is probated becomes a public document after your death, while a trust almost always remains private.
A Will can name a guardian for minor children while a Trust can not name a guardian for minor children.

Will is a legal document regarding an individual’s wishes regarding their assets after their death. A Will is only a single piece of a larger Estate Plan. An Estate Plan is a collection of legal documents that go beyond that of only a will. Often estate plans include components such as a will, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, etc.

Your individual circumstances will dictate the type of Will that will meet your needs. Please reach out to Mateskon Law for your free consultation today. >> Schedule a Consultation <<

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